I'm Devon, named for both my grandfather and Devonshire Cream. I use She/her pronouns, change my hair a lot, share too many pictures of my cat, and photograph just about anything and everything. Born in Wisconsin, raised in Europe, home in Maryland, college in Maine…I love to travel and don’t stay still long.

While I didn’t go to school for art, I took Intro to Digital Photography my senior year and 90% of the reason was because the teacher was cute. That class got a camera in my hands though, and I started photographing anything & everything around me. Out at brunch with friends? Impromptu portrait session. Going swing dancing? Definitely taking photos. Checking out a live show on H Street? Photographing performances is one of my favorite things. Taking my camera everywhere and photographing such a wide variety of subject matter gave me a fast, fun, self-taught crash-course in photography and I was hooked.

Ten weeks spent photographing plebe summer 2011 at the United States Naval Academy, where I had a camera in my hands for at least 60 hours a week and took 80,000 photos, really locked me into the idea of photography as a career. When the school year started and the job ended, I found I still wanted to get up at 4am to go spend 8-12 hours photographing. From there I focused on family and newborn photography, slowly adding more and more weddings. By 2016 I’d shifted into full-on wedding photographer, and here I am!

Photographing families, portraits, events, and travel are all still certainly in my wheelhouse and I enjoy them immensely, but there’s something about a wedding day that’s like nothing else. Across the board, regardless of subject matter, my photography is about capturing emotion, personality, and the feeling of the moment in still images.

Whether it’s a Baltimore wedding, a DC portrait session, an elopement in Colorado, or a family vacation in Maine, my goal is to create photographs that bring back not just the memories but the emotions tied to them. If I can make you laugh out loud or cry happy tears, my job is done.


100% inclusive

Your love, your life, your family, your identity are all beautiful. I have always been and will always be LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and I am happy to work with you no matter who you are, where you are from or how you got here. Let’s celebrate you.