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Courtney + nick | april 2019

tl;dr: Devon is amazing. Hire her.

When we looked at wedding photographers, we wanted someone who had lots of pictures of real (i.e. not conventionally beautiful) people. When you look at a lot of wedding photographers' websites, most of what you see is gorgeous pictures of gorgeous people looking gorgeous. Those are nice, but it's often hard to tell how much is due to the talent of the photographer and how much is just due to the fact that they're highlighting the most attractive people they've ever photographed on a day where the couple spent hours looking as beautiful as possible.

My partner and I are not the most traditionally attractive people. I think she's gorgeous, of course, but she's also a foot shorter than me, and I'm blessed with the jawline of a late-generation Habsburg noble. So we wanted to find a photographer who we knew could make us look as good as possible. We also liked that Devon was LGBTQ-inclusive, which was very important to us. After a video chat, where both of us were totally charmed by Devon, we hired her for our wedding in DC.

About six weeks before our wedding, we learned that my partner's mom was going to have to have surgery, and wasn't going to be able to make it to the wedding. Obviously, both of them were devastated. We decided, on short notice, to have a "pre-wedding" in Boston, with just immediate family and a couple close friends, about 25 people. We emailed Devon to find out if she knew any photographers in Boston. Lo and behold, Devon was free that weekend, and offered to come take pictures for us. It was an amazing help to us to have a photographer, and it meant a ton to my partner and her moms that they have pictures to remember it by.

Not only that, the pictures were amazing. We walked around Beacon Hill for a while, and she got some really great shots of us with the brownstones and the State House. Made us look really good. Then we went to a restaurant in Cambridge, where we took some posed pictures and then had the ceremony and dinner. Again, the shots were amazing, but almost as impressive was how, in a small space that was crowded with people, Devon managed to both get every important moment on film and also seemingly disappear into the walls. She's like a ninja that takes great pictures.

After Boston, she also shot our wedding in DC. Again she took amazing pictures, and again she was completely unobtrusive. She also worked with us for random requests like taking pictures with our cats (some of my favorite pictures) and near the spot where my partner and I met, which was not by the venue, and did a great job wrangling the various family and bridal party members to get the necessary shots in a pretty short amount of time.

Through it all, she was incredibly friendly, fun to work with, and super helpful. It's hard to write a text review of a photographer, but go look at her pictures and they'll tell you everything you need to know about her talent. Hiring Devon was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding, and I can't recommend her enough.


Elaine + Z | October 2018

Devon was amazing! She is a one-man team but captured all important aspects of our celebration, and then some. Her pictures captured the theme we were intending and spoke to our specific interests/preferences. Her communication is fabulous, as is her turn-around time in getting the final product. We would recommend her to anyone and would look forward to asking for her expertise again, should future needs arise.

Mike + Tony | September 2017

Devon was absolutely amazing to work with. We reached out to her at a recommendation from a friend of ours to learn about her style, and we loved her from the very first call. She has a great eye and has fabulous photos up on her website, and she was so personable, professional, and excited to be a part of our big day. As two guys who were getting married, we were thrilled to see same-sex weddings featured on her website, and she told us a couple of great stories about her work with same-sex couples. It was an easy decision to ask her to join our team and photograph our wedding.



Norah + Ben | April 2015

I can't say enough good things about Devon and her photography! She is a true pleasure to work with -- very calm, fun, and kind. My husband and I are not the most comfortable in front of cameras, certainly not for portraits, and she put us at ease. Just as importantly, her work is simply gorgeous. She has a real talent for capturing the spirit of a moment, whether it's sweet or silly. Going through the non-portrait photos was such a delight, because she immortalized moments that we would have completely forgotten in the rush of the day. We've gotten so many compliments on our photos, and it's all thanks to Devon's hard work!


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