Baltimore Photographer Adventure Day

As a Baltimore photographer, I’ve photographed weddings at the Four Seasons, dance events at the Mobtown Ballroom, and portraits near Patterson Park. I love Baltimore and think it’s one of the most beautiful cities with the most interesting collection of backgrounds (as well as some of the most interesting people) of anywhere I’ve been. Unsurprisingly, that means I have about five million photo projects I want to do in this great Maryland city.

When most people take the day off, they do it to get away from work. I do that too sometimes, I promise! Notifications off, social media cut, email saved for the next day… But sometimes I take the day off from doing any of the business work so I can just go make art. This adventure day was one of those art days as well.

I first saw this space a few weeks ago and instantly I knew I wanted to come back with cameras. So one quiet, weekday morning I did just that. These are some of my favorite images from the exploration, and I’m so glad I took the time to take them.

Photo nerd tidbit: I brought my Nikon Composer Pro + Edge 50 on a MetaBones adapter so I could use it on my A7iii, and I adore it. I’ve been shooting with Lensbaby lenses almost as long as I’ve been shooting on a DSLR, and I love the creativity + unique effect they give.