DC Elopement at the Monuments

DC Elopement

There aren’t a lot of Monday afternoon DC wedding ceremonies, but I’d be down if that became the next trend.  This sweet couple from Alabama came to the nation’s capital just to get married here.  It was a chilly Monday in March and the cherry blossoms hadn’t budded yet, but these southerns put up with the frigid temps long enough to say, “I do!” and take some fabulous photos around the National Mall.

The Photos

And now to the good stuff.  Their hip, classic, vintage, chic style blew me away.  Seriously, how good is that suit?!  And her dress.  Swoon!
For anyone who cares about the technical stuff, this was all shot on a Nikon D850, mostly with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4, then edited with DVLOP presets.

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