San Francisco, Delightful Humans, and Really Big Trees

Travel weddings are some of my favorites. Sure it’s great to work 10 minutes down the road, and I love going to some of my favorite venues over and over (I’m lookin’ at you, Josephine Butler Parks Center), but going somewhere new is like walking into a whole new candy shop. Photographers get weird looks when we start talking about the light, but the light in different places is really, truly different and between that + new streets, new plants, new sites…it’s all really inspiring and wonderful. Plus, did you know the trees in Northern California are freaking huge? I mean I knew that redwoods were big, but I’d never stood under one. What a wonderful place for a ceremony.

This was a fabulous two days of celebration, done their way and in their time. Have you been to a wedding where the party was the first thing to happen? I hadn’t. Is there a rule saying you can’t do it that way? There’s definitely not! So the weekend started with a fab band and open dance floor + party to celebrate the to-be-weds. Then the next day, at a gorgeous spot in those amazing, huge trees, surrounded by some of their favorite people, the wedding ceremony took place and things got officially official.

TL;DR—Do your wedding, your way. It will be wonderful.

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