Emotional Portrait Photography in Philadelphia

Portrait photography is always an honor.  There’s a lot of trust placed in a photographer to capture the person not only as they are, but often in a flattering light.  I love taking beautiful, happy headshots in the DC area and beyond.  This inquiry was for something different though, and I’m so pleased with the results.  
It’s great to celebrate the good moments of life, but sometimes life kicks you in the teeth.  Sometimes you take hit after hit after hit, and the fact you’re still there and standing back up is what’s worth celebrating.  After a year of intense personal loss topped by finishing medical school and extensive cross-country commuting, this fantastic human wanted photos to commemorate who she is, what she’s been through, and how powerful she is to come out of it all still here.
She cried.  I cried.  If you cry too, well, sorry/not sorry.

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